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Pukkr Internet Sales Policy

Xbite ltd (Pukkr) is actively managing how our brand is advertised and sold on the internet. All items sold in any territory must be sourced through authorised distribution channels to assure the product is authentic, has been properly tested for that market, and carries a valid warranty. Products not meeting this requirement cannot be marketed using the Pukkr name/trademark. This policy is put in place to maintain the integrity and value of our brand and intellectual property rights. The policy is being monitored and enforced across all internet marketplaces including retailer websites and 3rd party marketplaces (e.g.,, etc).

Notice of Restriction of Sales on 3rd Party Marketplaces

All 3rd party marketplaces including but not limited to and, etc. are restricted to authorised sellers. Authorised sellers for each marketplace have been selected and notified via an "Authorized Seller" letter.

Notice of Restriction of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Sales on Amazon sites

Pukkr items are restricted to Authorized FBA Sellers. Authorized FBA Sellers were notified in writing on or after 31 January 2020. Selling FBA Restricted items by unauthorised sellers through Amazon’s FBA program is strictly prohibited.

Notice Regarding Sales on Your Own Website

Pukkr remains committed to helping retail partners succeed in their direct sales channels, whether online or brick and mortar. Online sales through retail partner owned destination websites are permitted for products directly sourced from Xbite ltd (Pukkr).

Notice regarding Redistribution

Redistribution of Pukkr items is prohibited. Products purchased for sale directly to consumers from sources other than Pukkr are considered infringements on Pukkr’s intellectual property rights. Product warranties for such products are void and such products cannot be sold as “New” on the internet. Unauthorised distribution includes but is not limited to items purchased from distributors, closeout companies, retail / e commerce outlets, and wholesale clubs.

Notice of Exceptions to Internet Sales Policy

Exceptions to Pukkr’s Internet Sales Policy may be granted by Pukkr to accommodate time and marketplace limited marketing efforts.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Disregarding Pukkr’s Internet Sales Policy may lead to account suspension or termination and may result in the forfeit of all terms granted on retail partner purchase orders.

Please note that this address is not for correspondence or product returns. If you would like to contact us, please use the form on the contact page.